Oh Hey, Four Eyes! 

It’s been a busy type of week (the best kind!) It was a real treat to make some time this afternoon to sit down and plan. I’m one of those people who is obsessive about making lists. I constantly have “to-do’s” jotted down on my iPhone, and take so so so much satisfaction in crossing them all out! It was lovely to just be able to organize the next couple of weeks in my Frankie diary. Speaking of which – the 2013 Frankie journals are finally for sale, have you ordered yours? As for all of the planning – we are so busy because we are travelling up to Auckland on Monday! I honestly can’t wait; it will be so fun! Incidentally, we are doing a few photo shoots while we are up there, so if you’d like to hear more about it at all (plus all of our other photography work!) I’ve set up a Facebook page for Barnaby Carter Photography. (Like like like!)

Now, I’m not quite sure whether I’ve ever mentioned my eyesight (or lack of it..!) before. My eyes are ridiculously awful. I can barely see a foot in front of my face, no lie! Generally I just wear contact lenses, but when I was offered a pair of Ray Bans (via SmartBuySunglasses) I simply couldn’t resist. Did I mention that they’re also my dream glasses?! I have been coveting the beautiful Ray Ban RB5226 for years – it is quite unbelievable that they’re now perched on the end of my nose! I paired the cat-eyed wonders with a vintage pan collar blouse and the messiest beehive you could possibly imagine – I was seriously in awe when Barnaby took a photograph of the back! The skirt was a thrifting find that I can scarcley believe. An actual ‘pencil’ appliqué skirt?! Genius. I also wore a pretty little gold cat bracelet I thrifted a couple of weeks ago, and some incredible shoes courtesy of bait footwear.

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