Sweater: Target (more cute options here and here| Shirt: Gap (Similar) | Shorts: American Eagle | Shoes: Candies (love these studded ones) | Bag:J.Crew| Watch:Michael Kors

I think most of us could go on and on about our love for Target. It's a wonderland, really. And it's a magical money eater as well. The day I bought this sweater, (and this one) I think I went in for a birthday card and nail polish remover. Such is a typical trip to Target.Because you can't just go straight to the aisle you need. No. You need to take a lap.

First past the clothes to see what affordable gems may await you. Maybe meander through and pick up a bra or perhaps a clearance pair of shoes. Then past the books. Any must reads? A stroll through the candles and office accessories is usually next (If you're nerdy and love that stuff like me.) The mandatory beauty section where you might find a necessary Essie polish or Revlon lipstick. Maybe a new hand soap for the bathroom. By this point you might feel like you need a snack so you head over and pick up some white cheddar Pirates Booty, which to my knowledge can only be found at Target. And finally you remember you were there for something specific and you backtrack to that section, possibly picking up another item or two along the way. You get to the checkout and stare dismayed at your cart and your total and wonder, once again, how does this happen? The magic of Target.

I've been meaning to wear this sweater for awhile, and in my head I had been pairing it with my red gingham shirt. I did a double take the other day when one of my favorite blogger pals, Dreaming in Cashmere, posted about wearing the same combo for kindergarten carpool duties. And just now putting that link in I realized our post titles were similar too! I changed mine up a little for originality's sake. Girl, we are on the same blogging wavelength. Great minds, right?