I've been doing a ton of projects lately and wanted to share this one with you! For this I used a plain gray t-shirt and transformed it to a skirt! Check out the before and after picture then follow the easy directions to make your own!


T-Shirt Refashion

T-Shirt Refashion by flairbybrandi featuring silk scarves


For this project you will need:
* An Old or New T-Shirt slightly oversized
*Needle/Thread, Sewing Machine, or Double Sided Fabric Tape (the fabric tape is just like sewing!)
*Scarf, Ribbon, or belt

Super easy directions:
1) Cut the top of the t-shirt across the sleeve area and slightly up at an angle as pictured above.
2) Once your shirt is cut fold down 2 times in 1-2 in sections.
3) After your shirt is folded there will be an upside down "V" on both sides of the actual shirt hem.
4) Sew or use iron on fabric bond to hem the bottom of the fold across the front and back. Leave the sides where the "V" is open.
5) Take a scarf, ribbon, or belt and feed through the "V" sections until they meet on one side.
6) Put on your new skirt and tie or fasten your belt!

That's it! How easy was that? This project took under 30 minutes and didn't cost me a penny! I hope you enjoyed this DIY! Let me know how yours turns out!