I am all aboutup-cycling.
A tight budget forces me to be actually.

Even so...it can be fun!
I look in my closet and think of all the many ways I can use different pieces for this and that.
A few times I have almost cut up an article of clothing that I realized at the last sec., "Oh, I actually love this one and wear it a lot". Ha. I guess I do need to be careful about going up-cycle crazy.

I do have a lot of old t-shirts that I never wear though and that's what brought me to today's DIY.

Old t-shirt.Fringe. Necklace. YES.




old t-shirt(fun color)
2-4 jump rings
clasps [optional]
craft glue

* I had everything already, but you can find all of these at Hobby Lobby or Michael's*

how-todo it:

1. cut-out two graduated pieces of the t-shirt from the front and back(in the shape of little flags)
2. cut long, even strips on both pieces
3. glue both pieces together at the top
4. push a jump ring through each side
5. attach the chain
6. attach clasps
[optional- b/c if your chain is long enough you can just slip it over your head]

& there you have it.
Your very own fringe necklace.
For the cheap-o in all of us....
or most of us.