Photos by Landon
gifted DivaNY sweater  |  Forever21 tapered sweatpants  |  Zara heels  |  H&M jacket  |  Forever21 beanie  |  gifted Inlite Selene tote

These sweatpants have folded neatly in my closet forever, they're comfortable but definitely won't hold up during 30 degree weather. For now, it'll do. The sleeves are the only interesting detail in this outfit - this is cool too (and when I say cool, I mean exactly they're exactly the same sweater). I completed the roll-out-of-bed outfit with my favorite oversized coat (that I desperately need a sweater shaver for), a droopy beanie that needed a double fold to fit my head and a new acquisition to my bag collection - the Inlite Selene, a bag that illuminates (literally!) and eliminates those nights of blindly rummaging through your bag for those keys or fifth chapstick that just turned out to be in your pocket the whole time.