Every month or so, we visit our most favorite and trustworthy fishmonger to get a slew of the freshest sashimi grade fish and the likes to satisfy our sushi cravings. What you’ll find on our to get list are the usual consisting of tuna, salmon, scallops, uni, bbq eel, + salmon kama. 

So a few weeks ago, (loyal to our tradition) the hubs and I ventured out to grab some scallops, salmon, and bbq eel. Because it was just me and him feasting this time, this was more than enough. 

My husband is a GREAT cook. I learned how to cook many authentic Vietnamese dishes from him (he got it from his mamma!). I also learned how to make sushi rolls from him. A lifetime ago, when we were dating long distance (long distance for over 8+ yrs!!…there’s hope!), he would ALWAYS make sushi for me when I came to visit. It was the one thing that I would look forward to the most. 

Fast forward to the present and a baby later, the hubs whipped up some eel rolls and salmon + scallop sashimi. I told him that I wanted to photo-document the preparation. I tried to be as unobtrusive as possible. 

Using my MOST favorite knife (kiwi brand @ oriental markets), so dirt cheap (< $5) but performs like a pro! I LOVE that the blade is almost paper thin.

Typical ingredients that go into an eel roll are bbq eel, avocado, and cucumber. Lo and behold, we were out of cucumbers so we substituted w/ celery. Not typical but we like the crunch. Also, fish roe was added. 

This step is usually eyeballing… a few splashes of rice vinegar, a dash of sugar + salt. 

I didn’t mention that you would need a bamboo sushi mat, but that’s pretty obvious…

A bowl of clean water for rinsing sticky fingers.

We buy wasabi powder instead of the premade concoction. Just add water to the powder each time for freshly made wasabi!

Ready to roll. 


He made three rolls.

Now on to sashami. Salmon is one of my favorites…fresh and buttery!

Scallops have a nice sweet taste. 

Our lunch!

We usually enjoy sashimi w/ horseradish, also untypical. 

Thanks hunnie for a delish meal and putting up w/ the annoying camera clicks!

Hope you enjoyed this food post and have a GREAT Monday!