Several weeks ago, we took a trip to CA and stopped by Seal Beach. A family friendly beach with gorgeous views of both land and water from the pier. It was a perfect evening for sunset watching as the weather was definitely on our side.

She often holds the phone and have a good 5 min conversation w/ herself. Not sure if she thinks someone is listening on the other side. And she always hold the phone backwards! This is what Ms. Busy Z is up to nowadays.

Going through these pictures were so nostalgic for me. The best times were always the ones spent w/ loved ones. It’s not so much what we did, where we went, but rather who we spent the times with. So thankful to be surrounded by a loving husband & child and my HUGE family (parents, 8 brothers & sisters, 3 nephews)! This is exactly why the holidays are soooo AMAZING!!

I hope that you are always surrounded by YOUR loved ones.