Random bit of information for you today... I heard this morning onNPRit costs around $10,000 to put 1 MB of information into DNA. Like, literal test tube, DNA. They said all of the published works of man could be synthesized into DNA totaling the size of a granola bar! Only problem, the cost would be astronomical.
As a blogger this brings up thoughts regarding storing, be it pictures, inspirational bits, or blog post ideas. It seems that many bloggers have some kind of physical journal or planner, and then a few have USB drives to hold their digital files.

This has to be one of the coolest USB drives I've ever seen, a Camera!

Ahhhh a Purse!
Into designer, how about a Juicy Couture USB?
How cute are these Dots?
Go Ravens!! Had to throw this in there with the Superbowl coming up. ;)

Personally, I'm a note pad ideas kinda girl and Icurrentlyjust save my files to my main hard drive. Something I should probably get away from for future computer efficiency reasons.

What about you, do you store your blogging files on a special USB or other device?