My first suit was purchased with my parent’s credit card my sophomore year in college. You might wonder why a college student would need a suit, but as a business major that trusty three piece getup I snagged on sale from The Limited came in handy. With its lightweight fabric and two-button blazer, that suit managed to get me through countless business class presentations, internship interviews, and even a sorority meeting or twenty.

My next suit came along as a result of my first job interview, a last minute purchase at Express in Charleston. I like to call it my lucky suit as it managed to snag me a job offer at every interview I have ever had and helped me pass my graduate thesis presentation (surely they were too distracted by my ensemble to notice the presentation?). It’s also the only time in my life I ever wore a size 2 so I cherish that tiny little number, hanging ever so lonely in the back of my closet, that I can’t manage to get my big toe in now.

These days I don’t often wear a suit, especially a traditional one, but I find a cute blazer and pencil skirt makes a very fashionable substitute when you find yourself in need of a professional ensemble. If nothing else, at least adding some not so subtle color will get you noticed. It’s said that people judge you within the first two seconds of meeting you, so why not make it worth their while?


{Jacket – Tulle; Skirt – J.Crew, Bracelet – c/o INPINK; Heels – Zara}

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