Have you ever tried to wear a poncho or cape top and then wear a jacket over it? Doesn't work. You get a bad case of the way-too-much-material-at-the-shoulders-can't-put-my-jacket-on syndrome. It's a horrible disease. Luckily for you, I've found the perfect solution! Wear a cape over your cape! Ta-da!
Cape on!...

... Cape off to reveal another cape! BAM!
I'm laughing because I'm chasing some ducks!


cape jacket KENAR via Marshalls {similar} // cape top PIAZZA SEMPIONE via Last Call {similar} // sweater under cape top THRIFTED PRADA // jeans LOFT // earrings ANTHROPOLOGIE {similar} // bracelets PREMIER, SNS, and GIFTED {like this from Coach} // otk boots COACH via Marshalls for $39.99 {these are amazing}/ kelly bag HERMES

Photos by the awesome Hilary of Hilary Inspired

Okay, so I was being WAY silly, but it is annoying to have all that bunching when you're covering up with another jacket. Anyhow, ponchos/ cape tops are FIVE GOLD STARS when it comes to comfiness factor. You could eat your weight in food {and have a food baby} and no one would know under all that material! Why do you think I wore it to our London tea time?
The Style Rx: Wear a cape over bulky sweaters or another cape/poncho for an easy, comfy, and warm look!
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