I have been really into yellow gold lately. I always thought it was too old lady-ish until this past year. First I started by mixing yellow gold with white gold/silver. I've now transitioned to a point where I am comfortable to wear just yellow gold.

Stepping into the Light

Rebecca Minkoff flat shoes/Dolce Vita flat shoes, $110 / Steve Madden pointed toe flat/

Sketch via Inslee/ Steve Madden studded leopard loafersg20&bids=257733.21588&type=2&subid=0

I haven't purchased any shoes that have this much gold in them yet, but I'm really feeling those gold capped blue flats. The biggest piece of gold accents on my shoes now is maybe a small buckle or a clasp.

How do you feel about yellow gold? Have you recently become more attracted to it?

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