When I was in NYC for fashion week, my blogger friends reminded me that I needed to do a post about my beauty tips.  While I've shared some in the past (here), including my own personal routine (here & here), I wanted to focus this time on how to make the products you use on a daily basis last for as long as possible.  No one likes it when a fresh manicure gets chipped within a matter of days or when their bold red lip starts to feather & fade by lunchtime. So, today I'm sharing my secrets with you - these are tried & true methods I've been using for years, but I'd also love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!



1) First apply a primer around the rim of your lips to keep lipstick from feathering or bleeding (I swear by this one) 
2) Trace around the edge of lips with lip liner and then fill in lips completely with a liner that matches the color of lipstick you'll be using
3) Using a lip brush, apply your lipstick color of choice
4) Blot with a one-ply sheet of tissue & dust with translucent powder to set
5) Reapply a second coat of lipstick
*If you're not a fan of lipstick, this product will also last throughout the day and doesn't dry your lips out.

1) Before starting, apply nail polish remover to a cotton ball & swipe  across each nail to remove any oils or residues that will prevent lacquer from adhering properly

2) Always use a base coat & top coat (my favorites here & here)
3) The thinner the coats, the less chipping/peeling will occur
4) Nails will chip at the tip first...so when applying lacquer, first do a horizontal swipe across the edge of the nail and then continue with your usual vertical strokes
5) Things that cause polish to chip more quickly than it should - pressure (typing, texting) & heat (folding laundry straight out of the dryer, stirring a steaming pot over the stove)