Not every woman has a high paying, salary job, or is in the line of work that requires power suits and high heels on a daily basis.Many of us aren’t in the fashion field and most of us don’t really have to get too done up for a day at the office.Then there are those of us who don’t even have to get dressed in the morning if we don’t want to.I am talking about us whose jobs allow us to stay home.

High heels and fancy clothes don’t usually go well with housework, running around town on errands, or sitting in front of a computer screen all day.But, working from home doesn’t mean one would have to let themselves go.I have seen way too many people without a typical 9-5 job who maybe think an appropriate uniform for the day would be character house pants and t-shirts.While there is nothing wrong with this, I think we should do a better job at making ourselves look and feel good.I know for me, nothing makes me feel more like a bum than staying in pajamas all day long!Yes, some days it does feel good to lounge around in sweatpants and slippers, but I wouldn’t want to leave the house like that, and please don’t think that has to be the uniform of someone who works from home.

There is a significant amount of people today who get to work from home; whether you are self-employed, a stay-at-home housewife or mom, or just someone lucky enough to be able to do your job at your own house.I am a stay at home mom.I love to look my best and I think dressing up shouldn’t be hindered by my lack of punching a time clock.I think when you look good, you feel good, and style is something that we can all display, even those of us who may only see the mailman in the course of a day.Being practical and frugal while being stylish is not really that hard either.It may only require a little extra time in the morning, but I think it is well worth it.Because really, pajamas and house pants should be for sleeping in, not for living in.So why not put a little extra style in your life, you’ll feel better for it I am sure!


Something simple and easy to put together. A basic t-shirt, a thrifted skirt, some leggings for a little extra warmth, and a homemade scarf. Top it off with a simple black hoodie and a pair of slouchy boots. There you go, simple, stylish, and on a budget. Great for a day at home or even running around town and way better than sweatpants!