Last week at the blogger meet up (posted below) one of the girls expressed how much she liked statement necklaces, but that she had been a bit slow in purchasing one due to the high prices. There are gorgeous necklaces out there at all price points, ladies! To prove this and to assist you in finding some great budget friendly statement necklaces I’ve rounded up eight that I think are absolutely fabulous– and they’re all under $35!

1. $24 2.$34 3.$28 4. $24 5. $29 6. $21 7. $19 8. $25

When buying “costume” jewelry there are a couple of things to consider, first being the price. If the necklace is super inexpensive and you plan to only wear it a couple of times, there’s no real investigative work that must take place, because you realize the item isn’t going to last forever and you’re ok with that. If you’re spending more on an item in hopes of keeping it for a while obviously the quality is going to be the biggest consideration. There are plenty of companies creating gorgeous quality pieces at low prices. The same sorts of pieces that you’d find in Henri Bendel, but for half the price. Seriously. So check the piece to make sure it’s sturdy, there are no loose or wonky components, and see if there are any signs of tarnishing. If there is more than one of that same style necklace compare them and pick the one which seems to be superior. By taking a couple minutes to really check the quality and compare to others you’ll end up with the best one, which in turn helps it to last longer.

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