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HallieDaily Pastel in LongBeach_4

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HallieDaily Pastel in LongBeach_8HallieDaily Pastel in LongBeach_9

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HallieDaily Pastel in LongBeach_11

Last Sunday, our little family made a short day trip to Long Beach, for a “boat and outdoor recreation” show. In my memory, since Red Bear was born, we never miss this show each year. Red Bear and his dad have been talking about going camping sometime soon, or going “sky diving.” Red Bear keeps asking me if I want to go camp with them and living the outdoor life for a couple days with no shower and only “outdoor” bathroom… Well, to be honest, I wish the guys’ dream comes true, but then I really wish that would never happen, or I might have to quit the team :)

The day when we were in Long Beach was such a beautiful day as you might can tell from these pictures. Spring is finally here, which means pastel and bright colors will be seen more in the street. Love it!

In Chinese:上个周末,咱一家小三口去了加州长滩参加那里的”游艇和室外活动”展.在我印象里,自打RB出生,这展我们每年都去看,还没漏过. RB和他爸爸一直在谋划着近期要去野外露营,或者”高空跳伞”. RB不停的不停的在问我说是不是要和他们一起去野营,过几天不用洗澡和只有”室外”厕厕的生活.唉,老实说啊,我希望男人们的梦想可以实现,但是我真的不希望他们的计划会实现,如果计划成功,估计我得”退伍”了…哈哈!

看相片你也知道, 去长滩的这天天气特别的好.春天终于已经来到,街上会看到越来越多的粉嬾色和其他各种鲜艳的颜色,太喜欢了!

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