On the spring season it´s alot of clothes, shapes, prints etc that´s you had seen before on the catwalk, and on every girl in the city or on the beach. Animal printed clothes, the original leopard print comes back again, or it never has disappear actually. It´s here to stay and it´s hot with the classic leopard print.

As you can see on these pictures below, there is some new clothes but almost everything has already shown in the catwalk. But they are hot today too, and I think these clothes, material, prints and shapes are here to stay, until nex fall, I hope so.



Transparent clothes are something thats gonna be very trendy and hot in spring, it´s already hot and fashionable! I like it, some clothes are on my wishlist and some are not. Long dresses, I dont like it but I could wear it - but I choose not because Im not happy with it.

Remember: In fashion there is no rules, the catwalk and the trendsetters, or the blogs or magzines don´t set the rules, so follow your own style, don´t put on anything that you don´t want to! You decide if you want to wear it or not, and that´s not wrong at all.

I can keep writing about these trends, both summer and spring, forever. But I let you take a look at these pictures, and I will ask you:

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