Tunic: c/o Art + Soul Boutique | Leggings: Forever 21 | Glasses: c/o Firmoo | Necklace: Clothes Hound | Bracelets: Wanderlust + Co., c/o Brighthouse Baubles, Jewelmint | Cuff: c/o York Designs

Glasses have often been considered a sort of fashion taboo. There's a misconception that you can only wear them if you have to because you need them to see. Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to today's era of fashion where glasses are the new "thing".

Although I actually do need glasses, I rarely ever wear them. For years, I've chosen to squint at the Starbucks menu instead of pulling out my glasses to see clearly. I'm not sure why the thought of wearing them always makes me uncomfortable. I felt like everyone stares at the person wearing glasses. I mean, they are on your face.

When Firmoo contacted me to do a product review, I decided to take the plunge. I could have easily selected a pair of sunglasses from their huge selection, but I decided to do my eyes a favor and get a pair of prescription glasses. The whole "nerd" look is in right now and I was so excited to try it on myself!

Firmoo did not disappoint. The glasses are high quality and they feel so comfortable on. I've yet to pair them with a high-fashion outfit but I've worn them with causal clothes like the outfit pictured above. In this outfit, I used a long shirt from Art and Soul Boutique as a tunic and paired it with leggings for a super comfy look. I'm slowly taking baby steps to make these babies a major part of my wardrobe.

If you've been wanting to try the glasses trend or if you just want a new pair, check out Firmoo's first fair free program. Yep, you heard that right. No catch. Just head on over to Firmoo, pick out your first pair, pay for shipping only, and... that's it! I mean, you might as well try it out right?

My husband actually loves them and is even thinking about getting a pair for himself! They have tons of glasses for both men and women to choose from. I'll try to convince him to let me snap some pictures of him ;)

What do you think? Do I look like a complete loser or are the glasses tolerable? Is there a trend that you've been dying to try but are nervous about it?

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