You know that feeling when you have a closet full of stuff and you STILL have nothing to wear? That's how I felt, so I decided to head over to one of my favorite resale boutiques in Uptown Minneapolis, june, to get INSPIRED. There's so much fun fall fashion out right now, and there's no reason a girl should feel the least bit stifled!

If you read my last post, you know that Oscar Stuttgen from Stuttgen Studios shot the photos for this series! We've fast become besties over long conversations about EVERYTHING, including getting each other's opinion on our purchases. He recently asked for my opinion on 3 different watches. They were all equally beautiful in their own way, and all MUST haves. I couldn't bring myself to pick a favorite. I was HORRIFIED. What would he think of me if I can't give him an opinion? But, it was like choosing which kid was your favorite. This was a hard choice, and just as I was caught in the indecision of it all, he sends me this text message:

I just decided to buy all three watches.

Oh Oscar. That's whatI would have done! You TOTALLY get it!

There's nothing that can fix a fashion rut like something that doesn't makeANY. PRACTICAL. SENSE, yet,


OMG. This outfit - so many things to LOVE:

- Let's start from the ground up. There's these SHOES - they're YSL, they're VELVET and they lace up. AND they make your legs look SMOKING HOT. What more do you want from a pair of shoes?

- And speaking of SMOKING HOT, check out this SMOKING HOT,SHORT Tibi sequin miniskirt. LikeREALLY short - which is PERFECT, as if it were any longer, it wouldn't say, SMOKING HOT, right?

- And just when you think you couldn't loose your mind any more, BAM. THIS. Armani. Blazer. SOOOO NOT practical. I mean, where do you wear a jacket with a big opening in the back? AND get this - it comes with a matching bandeau top. YEP - you were MEANT to look this SMOKING HOT. I mean, totally impractical, but, HEY. We're talkingfashion statement here. Sometimes, you just gotta make some sacrifices to make the RIGHT statement.

And you're probably wondering - what's with all those shoes? Is that what heaven looks like?

Nope, not in heaven, but pretty darn close. This is the boutique's shoe room. OMG. FAINT.

What I'm Wearing:

Skirt: Tibi black gunmetal sequin mini skirt

Blazer & bandeau: Emporio Armani black wool bandau top & blazer w/satin trim

Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent YSL midnight blue velvet wrap shoes

If you're interested in anything you see, all items are all available for purchase at june, a boutique in Uptown Minneapolis.

I also want to spend a little bit of time talking about the FABULOUS photography courtesy of Oscar Stuttgen of Stuttgen Studios! He is a fashion & beauty photographer specializing in fashion & beauty editorial and commercial work. If you're in need of a fashion photographer in Minneapolis or Los Angeles, you need to give Oscar a call. Talk about inspiration! He's given me a whole new perspective on photo's for my fashion blog. I was not only a little uninspired by my own closet, I was a little stifled from taking the same kinds of pictures! What a FRESH look at fashion Oscar's given me, and through his lens, everything at June Boutique came to life. The colors, the fashions, and ME included!What did you buy this season that you were like,



-Daisy Nguyen

Fashion blogger in Minneapolis, Minnesota

PS - I'm BANANAS over this sequin mini miniskirt!

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