On me://Shirt and Shorts - H&M//Jacket and Shoes - Pull&Bear//Scarf - Esprit//Stockings - c/o welovecolors//Watch - Casio//

Ok, I admit, I'm not a morning person. And after being on holiday for almost a month, I've gotten used to dozing off til about lunch before I get out of bed. Working has got my body clock in confusion mode, so lately I find myself always yawning and my eyes puffy. Ugh. This is so not good.

Speaking of work, so far I'm having fun. Can't believe I just wrote that but I actually am. Our department head is really cool, my colleauges are all pretty nice... and although I haven't really experienced the tough part during busy hours, I think I'd be alright. It's not like I'm difficult to get along with anyway, but If this goes on like how it is, January's going to be great. Hope you guys are having a wonderful 2013 so far!

-- Photos by Chezka --