It has been called differently throughout the decade from slim fit jeans, cigarette pants, stovepipes, pencil pants to simply "skinnies"and even "drainpipes" by Vogue around mid-2003, though the biggest misconception about skinny jeans is that it's only for skinny people. Yes, it is called 'skinny' and looks like even your feet could hardly get in it,but in fact it is benignly elastic and surprisingly stretching comfortably to fit in all shapes of bottom. Everyone wears skinny jeans, from a curvy, slim, tall or petite person, rock stars, models, actors and even politicians including the future queen of England.

The Duchess of Cambridge in Pale Orange Skinny Jeans (source)

Left: Samantha Cameron in Topshop Skinny Jeans (source) // Right: Kate Moss in Mango (source)

There are several theories about the origin of skinny jeans but majority of it are linking to Punk and Rebellion. Some people said that Punk Movement in the early 1970's was responsible for introducing the skinny jeans to the world but were not entirely sure who started punk, was it the Sex Pistols from London or The Ramones from New York City. And then there's the rebellion theory by Sarah Niblock, a professorat Brunel University who specializesin visual culture, that skinny fit trousers could be trace backto the mid-18th century to a youth movement called the Macaronis."They were the first British fashion movement to use fashion to be subversive. They used to wear very slim-fit clothes....That narrow cut is very much about the outsider, about singling yourself out as somebody different." Niblock explained.

The Ramones (source)

Left: Russell Brand (source) // Right: Pete Doherty (source)

Punk and rebellion coexist, so does the origin of skinny jeans and reason to its undying trend is something like a symbol of youth rebellion? I refuse to believe that, it must be more than just rebellion. There are several types of skinny jeans, some are denims, some are made of leather while some are acid washed, colorful pastels, neon or plaid and some are even animal prints. It has everything for different kind of people. If you have skinny jeans, think about this, why do you wear it? I have estimated ten pairs of pants in my closet and half of it are skinny jeans, one of it is a pair from GUESS jeans that I bought in my junior year in high school which was around five years ago. It lasts not only because the quality is good and it's still trendy but because it's like a canvas that you could do whatever in it that is in your imagination. I could pair it with anything on my closet, from cropped tops to white-collared-long-sleeve-tops, tucked it in my boots or pair it my Converse sneakers, pair it with heels, cute ballet flats or sophisticated pair of oxford shoes and I could also make it look very casual, preppy, romantic and even semi-formal but most importantly, it makes my legs and my bottoms look so damn good!

Left: Justin Bieber (source) // Middle: Nancy Spungen & sid Vicious (source) // Right: Karl lagerfeld (source)

Skinny jeans are for all types of people It can't simply be about rebellion – why should tightness seem inherently more rebellious than expansiveness? People feel good when they wear skinny jeans, when they feel good they are confident and look sexy, they can wear whatever they want with it and their ongoing domination keeps the rest of the wardrobe working too: no need for a costly revamp.