Six Sweet Outfits !!!

I put together these six outfits with one concept in mind “Style with Comfort” . As women , we know that is not that often that we get those two together . But, when it happens, is just “Great” . The Tory Burch flats not only look good, but feel good on the feet , they are perfect for a casual day or for a chic night out when we don’t feel like wearing high heels . I also included the Tory Burch wedge sandals because a wedge is great for when we want to look taller without the discomfort of high heels. Don’t get me wrong, I love high heels, but I also know for a fact that our feet deserve a little rest from time to time . Everything is tight together by the colorful jewelry and handbags. Let’s not forget that is not what you wear, but how you wear it that matters. So, walk with style and never forget to smile . Enjoy!!!

Live, Laugh, & Love Always