I do love New York City, but I won't lie: I often get jealous of my sister's Los Angeles weather. To make matter's worse, most of my clothes are geared towards super hot weather, since I recently moved from Texas. You don't really need thick sweaters and coats when the extent of your winter outdoors activity is walking from your door to the car. So what's a girl to do? My cash can only go so far in buying new winter gear.

The answer, of course, is to reuse my summer clothes and layer the heck out of them! I started off with a spaghetti strap dress, which sounds super crazy for winter wear (not if you layer Uniqlo's awesome heattech tights underneath). Then I pile on more layers on top: sheer maxi skirt, scarf, and cardigan. I probably could stop layering there if this was early Fall. But since Winter is full effect, I finished off the outfit by borrowing my sister's parka.
What do you guys think of my summer to winter outfit?