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THE FACE BEHIND THE BLOG: I’m always blogging about celebrities and different style trends but I never give myself the credit I deserve. I’d like to do a segment on myself for a change (haha). For many years I've been interested in blogging but never wanted to pursue it because I didn't know how far I would go with it; but I love it! I feel like expressing yourself through style is something that is very important, and it shows a side of you that you’d might not be able to express verbally.

One thing I can say about myself is that like many other celebrities I love switching up my style, one day i’ll wear something very classy and elegant, the next I might wear something a little “street” then to top it all off i’ll just dress like i’m fresh off the runway! I enjoy being different, and trying out new things. What got me started on making my blog is because many of my friends told me that I was great at giving fashion tips and I should start a blog, but of course I was afraid because I didn't know if It was really something I wanted to do until my mom and a friend of mine who got invited to fashion week in NYC told me I should start a blog! I didn't realize my potential until everyone motivated me to try it out. b9135d058e82087cbb1203e38e577b4cbcdc51f0

My style is highly influenced by Solange Knowles which is an African American singer/actress. I love that she wears whatever she wants without a care in the world but still carries herself like a lady and with so much class. She's amazing!