I've learned in this life that sequins make most everything better. So does smiling...

I would consider myself a very happy person, those who know me would agree (I think...) So when my blogger buddy Sarah from StyleItOnline.com said to me "you never smile in your pictures" it kind of stuck! I do smile, I thought. All of the time! But then I took a look and for some reason, no smiles...well, very few.

There isn't a reason. To be very honest, I think it's just the selects that I choose. Outfit, makeup, eyeballs all in the right place etc. Totally not one of those no smile bloggers. So, when choosing these pics, I made a conscious effort to show off the smile that God, Mommy and Dr. Santos (my orthodontist) gave me.

Onto the fashion. Another vintage find I couldn't leave behind. A luxe sweater with a sequined bird, obviously I had to have this. Thank God for the 80's, ya know? Thank. God.