Just call me Repetitive Rachel. For a few reasons, actually…

1. I’ve worn this outfit a few times over the past few weeks. Once with plaid flats, once with leopard flats and a chunky necklace to match the chunky sweater.

2. In my post decoding food-focused holiday wear, I outlined this outfit to a T. It was actually that outfit collage that convinced me to get the pants when Madewell was having a 30% off promotion!

3. I’ve worn this sweater, necklace, and flat combo before. See here.

My favorite thing about these pants has to be the versatility they have. You’re probably thinking, “Sequin pants are versatile? Give me a break, Jessica!” But I’m going to hold my ground on this one. You would normally think of sequin pants being worn in a dressier setting… A fancy dinner or a night out with pumps, a sequiny birthday celebration, NYE, etc. But they also work with a cozy sweater and flats on a random Sunday!

Outfit #1: Madewell Sequin Pants / gifted Juicy Couture Sweater / Dirty Laundry Plaid Bow Flats / Kate Spade Bow Ring

Outfit #2: Madewell Sequin Pants / gifted Juicy Couture Sweater / gifted Juicy Couture Necklace (similar) / Ivanka Trump Leopard Flats / Kate Spade Bow Ring

Thanks for playing photographer, Tracy!

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