jacket: Nordstrom on sale now
shoes: DSW 


This jacket is the epitome of all the spring colors that are all over the magazines. I love how it can add such a spark to a simple tank and jeans, but also dress up an all black outfit with a pop of color. Over the weekend Spencer and I decided to be spontaneous on our day off and ventured to Ventura. Taking spontaneous day trips is one of my favorite things to do. It's a great way to escape from the reality of life and pretend you are a tourist. We went to Brophy Brothers for beer and yummy! He bought a new hat, which became the joke of the day, since it had a lion on and it and said "king". I know we are weird, but that's why we work so well together!! On to shopping news,  I have been shopping online lately and have found some amazing deals. Don't worry a post will come soon about my shopping spree. Happy Wednesday!!