For this post, I am a schoolgirl. If you remember from an old post, I'm not in school anymore, but nowadays, I couldn't help but think how I would've done things differently - when it comes to fashion - when I was at school. I was a nerdy, straight-laced highschool student, and then a stressed out, lazy university student. Fashion was the least of my problems. But I regret it now. So when I picked up this crochet-collared sweater (read: lucky find!), I knew I would be wearing it schoolgirl-style. The fact that the tag said 'Gossip Girl' - don't know whether it was a fluke or the real deal - was like it was meant to be. So, with my DIY tartan skirt, boots and bowler hat, voila! Just to honor the last season of my favorite TV inspiration and the tag of my sweater!

Do you watch this show too sweeties? Who's your fave character (mine is Blair Waldorf)? Do tell me sweeties - and see you soon

- Che

Sweater: Gossip Girl//Skirt: DIY//Bag & hat: local store//Boots: Pull & Bear


Photos by: Katee Cenon