I t has been my goal, a mission in fact to discover the real reason why woman such as myself are taunted with the dreaded orange peel like, cottage cheese effect (it pains me to say the word) “CELLULITE” and ways to if not completely rid of but massively improve the appearance once and for all and I have to say I have had some promising results.

I’m a big fan of Dr. Howard Murad. I’ve reviewed his book The Cellulite Solution and I admire his comprehensive approach to preventing and reducing cellulite. And I’m not the only one.
Elle Magazine has recognized him in the category of Skin Expertise for their 2009 Genius Awards. Each year the magazine selects 12 experts from the fields of hair, skin and makeup to receive their “genius” designation. It seems that the “prize” is a lot of publicity in their April issue!
According to a press release:
ELLE’s April issue praises Dr. Murad’s holistic approach to cellulite and notes Murad’s ability to reduce cellulite by 47% in eight weeks through internal supplements, topical creams, and diet.
“It’s gratifying to be recognized for the science behind what we do,” said Dr. Murad. “Cellulite is very often misunderstood. If we maintain hydrated cells and connective tissue, we can prevent fat from migrating into the dermis – which is what causes cellulite in the first place.”

Honestly, to me he seems to have the most believable theory about the causes and treatment of cellulite.

I think I have pretty much tried every cellulite remedy known to man and the following solutions are what I found worked best for me.

Starting with the active approach. Its January and like most people at the start of each year I have so much enthusiasm and energy I could take on Rocky Balboa. So I am hitting the gym….but stop this is all very good for weight loss and toning but not effective for targeting cellulite according to the people behind Hypoxi they say that if you exercise, you won’t target the right bits unless you cycle in their vacuum pod which draws blood up to the surface, to get at that resistant layer.

It sounded weird, and it felt weirder but of course I signed up to a course of 10 treatments and I lost proportionately more centimeters from the thigh and bottom than I did my upper body and I believe that the appearance of my cellulite is definitely less visible! What a RESULT!!

Check out http://www.hypoxi.com or for my local lovelies I booked in my treatments with http://www.bodysmart.ae

Next comes the creams.
There are so many anti-cellulite creams full of circulation-boosters such as caffeine and ivy extract that it’s hard to know where to start.
Do they work? I’m not convinced that any of them “break down stubborn fat cells” but if they encourage you to watch what you eat, exercise a bit more, drink loads of water and massage your legs firmly, daily, they can certainly improve the look of the skin’s surface.
Sisley’s fabulously rich and aromatic Celluli-Pro http://www.sisley-cosmetics.com or Chanel’s minty-smooth Body Excellence Slim, http://www.chanel.com, tend to give the best results.
Clarins’ instant-tightening High Definition Body Lift http://www.clarins.com is brilliant and more affordable, as is Biotherm‘s Celluli Laser Intensive Night, http://www.biotherm.com.
At the bargain end of the scale, try Champneys’ Chill & Tone Ice Gel, http://www.champneys.com.

Then I’m onto the high-tech approach. High-tech treatments involving lasers, ultrasound and radio-frequency energy-waves are the latest ways to combat cellulite.

They’re all expensive, they all claim great results and it’s very hard to know which to recommend since for every person who tells me that Megatreatment X, say, is magic, there will be another (doctor, surgeon, therapist whose opinion I respect) who tells me it’s rubbish and possibly dangerous.

So if you are tempted by these, do your homework. Ask to see before and after pictures, ask to talk to people who have had the treatments done and loved the results, then decide. It’s your money.

Having said that, I’ve had great reports and results myself from LPG I booked myself into the Manchester `clinic spa http://www.medspa.ae(0439564000) which I had been recommended by several friends in Dubai and although to start with I was a little bit apprehensive about the treatment as soon as I arrived I was made to feel relaxed and comfortable by the warming reception staff. The clinic its self is clean and airy and my therapist made me feel settled after she handed me the special LPG suit which is white, opaque and designed to enhance the vacuum of the machine and for hygiene purposes. The suit costs approximately AED 150 and its price is not included in the package. However, this is a one time investment until the suit gets worn out. After being told to lay down comfortably on the bed the therapist got to work using the LPG machine. The reason why this machine is so effective is because it successfully restructures the skin’s connective tissue and stimulates blood & lymph circulation. Basically the machine manipulates your skin structure, by folding and then unfolding it. I was told before the session that for it to be truly effective and to see the best results I would need a minimum of 6 sessions and up to 10 in order to achieve fast results. So I booked myself in for 10, went 3 times a week and the results on my tenth session, well I was amazed. I had combined this with my normal exercise routine and my legs where so much smoother and tighter. It really had improved the appearance of my cellulite a lot. I was told to keep it up once or twice a month, which I would definitely do if it meant my legs got me looking like Cheryl Coles (ok, not quite!) But I highly recommend. Each treatment takes about 30 minutes and a course of 10 treatments cost AED 2500 Its easy to do on your lunch break and you don’t break a sweat…Thumbs up to LPG!!

Then we have the good old natural approach.
Dry body brushing costs nothing, takes a few minutes and is great for the skin and for keeping the lymphatic system moving. I can’t say its made a massive improvement to my skins appearance but its become a ritual to me every morning in the shower now and it can do no harm can it?

So ladies, that is my review of the world of cellulite. I hope its been a good read and helped you discover new ways to improve appearance. If you have any good cellulite stories or discoveries, I would love to hear about them so please share.

Have a great weekend.

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