Outfit: Dress (Gift from mummy) | Necklace from JLC mode

Hello lovelies, as expected the beach post! Thank you to the darlings who had contributed (you know who you are) and to the weather too, for being so breezy that day. (It made the shoot easier as my hair flowed naturally along with the wind when it whispered, you get the idea.) The colour of the dress blended well with the beach and not forgetting to mention, the smooth as cream feeling when the cloth got in contact with my skin. (okay, I exaggerated a little..., but you know!) As the dress is simple, I decided to detail it with some accessories. This vacation before college started was a great getaway, and it was definitely due to the incredible companion. You know I'm enjoying myself when I make silly faces. College had begun and my schedule was hectic but I'll try my best to update the blog. I hope you like what I had posted and best of luck with school and in whatever you are doing! *sending positive energy*