Shopping Mistake: Buying something just because it's on sale.

I think we have all been victims of this one! “It’s 50% off, what a great deal.” Yes — a great deal, but you have to love the item just the same. Never buy something on sale you wouldn’t pay FULL price for. Once it’s in your closet, it needs to work with your wardrobe and flatter your figure, along with the pieces hanging beside it. I am sure you all know the difference between buying designer jeans at 40% off and feeling great every time you put them on,versus buying a random top you could care less about the next day.

To really test yourself before buying a sale item, put it on hold while you shop a few more stores. You may find it doesn’t seem as intriguing towards the end of your shopping trip. Or, walk away from the tablet/computer/smartphone before hitting the checkout button and ask yourself if the item is going to fill a hole in your wardrobe or just add clutter to your closet.