Yes, Ruffles and RV.

::with flash::


::without flash and RV backdrop::


Do you see the RV behind me?
I did not notice it until I uploaded my photos.
I'm sure the RV doesn't mind a few candid photos rights?

Now onto ruffles... I usually do notbuy any ruffles unless they are subtle because of my bust. I will speak for myself about ruffles. Due to my large bust, ruffles tend to make me look larger, so I sway FAR away from them. However, this top is jersey material, so it's not so bad. If it were a blouse, I doubt it would have worked. Anyway, I planned this outfit around a skirt. Unfortunately, this did not work out because it was extremely cold, even at 11am. Yikes! I ran back in and put on pants! I do not think tights would have helped either way. I think the mustard, navy and burgundy go great together. I see more of this color scheme in the near future!


JCrew Pants: $60
Jones New York: $30 via Marshalls

Thank you for visiting and talk to you soon!

Until next time,
C. Mai