In a Field of Flowers! 

I’m so excited to let you know some news I’ve been wanting to share! For the next few months I’m going to be blogging over on the Sugarhill Boutique blog! I’ve been a long-time fan of their beautiful brand, so I couldn’t be more thrilled about it! My very first task was to pick out something from the AW12 collection – what luck, eh. The Windsor dress won me over instantly – I’m sure you know by now that a crisp white pan collar gets me every time!

We visited this breathtaking flower patch with hopes of constructing a crown to match the dress. I soon realized it wouldn’t possible, as the flowers snapped so quickly that I was barely even able to keep them on my head! I’d thought a crown would perfectly match the castle print – and add to the royal look too. It wasn’t quite meant to be though, so I settled for a handful of flowers (which are now residing in a jar in my kitchen). Almost as if it knew I was wearing an Autumn piece (it’s Spring here in New Zealand), the weather turned as soon as we started taking photos. Dark clouds lingered overhead, and half of these were actually taken as the rain fell. The things that us fashion bloggers do, eh! Luckily we weren’t too far from home, so after a mad dash in the rain, we were soon warm and dry. Spring showers; you get me every single time!

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