In 2009 two Virginia Commonwealth University Fashion Merchandising graduates combined their knowledge of the fashion industry with being mothers and set out on a mission to showcase that style made simple is not only smart, but also fashionably cute.83546e593861725cba5b17e60e36c32bdff9117c

The design duo of Anna Muzzy and Nancy Gutierrez created Rock Me! which is a collection of fashionably flexible clothing for the little person in your life. The designers are updating the classic romper by making it comfortably chic for children and allowing parents style in a snap by removing all those snaps that are usually found in clothing for small children.

The creative designers have recently taken on a new project which includes expanding the line which is completely designed, sourced, and manufactured in the U.S.A.fa34f9d8bdca2a863b7b35f9eb1a808acc568b91

The line that offers garments for both boys and girls can be found on their website or at stores across the nation. To stay connected with the growing label you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.