I went outlet shopping yesterday and for those of you who have ever gone, you know you can spend all day circling around, finding great deals. For this type of shopping "event," I like to dress as comfy as possible and thought it was the perfect day to bring out the ultra cozy Proenza Schouler sweatshirt I scored from the Neiman Marcus + Target collaboration. I decided to pair itwith my new kicks, a pair of gray sneaker wedges that I purchased from Target for $29.99 (yup, you heard right!). You would've thought I was crazy trying to break in my new shoes for a day full of shopping, but these babies are so comfortable that I could've ran a half marathon in them. Okay, maybe just a 5K (and only because I haven't ran lately), but still, they're the most comfortable 3" wedges that I own.

Lately, I've been dressing up sweatshirts and tees with statement necklaces. I like the mix of dressed up with dressed down. To complete my look, I added a geometric indigo-colored necklace.