How many times a child have you looked at old pictures of your mom, and thought "my god mom, who let you out the house with that on?" Is that just me? oh ok lol But any who I'm sure we all had our run ins with our mom about different ideas of fashion. I know I have. However I fallen in love with idea of rocking the perfect vintage outfit. And as much as I love the thrift stores, the 1st place I headed to was my mom's closet. Because she has just the most amazing things.

But this post is about my new loves are the fantastic earrings I found going shopping in her jewelry box. I didn't think I would find to many options but let me tell you, the excitement that I felt pulling out earring after earring, was justdescribable. And it was perfect cause I knew my mom wouldn't miss any of them. And all kinds of outfits flooded my brain in that moment.

I've already worn both these too many times!

I plan to wear one black and one white together, I mean why wear matching pairs when I can wear mis match pairs5463bb3c29ec9ce6f7c7dbd94ac1332753e371ff

So 80's and vintage. I actually argued with my mom for the red ones. I had to remind her that they've been sitting in a box for like 20 years lol and she gave in!

I haven't worn these yet, but I know the outfit for them is coming!

Moral of the story, don't be afraid to go thorough your mom things. It's true what they say styles and trends always finds a way to come back around and in style again. What has your mother's closet surprised you with?