I was so, so, so excited when an intern from Jessica Simpson Collection contacted me to try out an item from their line and to preview their fall line. I can’t brag enough on how nice my interaction with Rebecca from JSC was, and I can tell that this company is excited to expand into plus-sizes. Jessica Simpson Collection carries high quality plus size dresses and separates, and most of their items are in sizes 12-20, although they told me that some of their Fall 2012 styles will be extended to sizes 22 & 24(!). Currently, you can order products from their direct site (linked above), or from Macys, Dillards, Lord and Taylor, amongst others.

So you might be wondering what a woman who is size 26/28 is doing working with a brand whose sizes only go up to a 20, but after trying on a JSC piece in NYC, I realized some (I haven’t tried on all styles!) of the pieces would work for me. Since I knew sizing could be an issue, I picked a style that looked like it eased through the hips, and I’ve been wanting to add more maxi dresses to my closet, so a perfect match was made!

I chose to review the floral maxi in a size 20, and I will say that my measurements are probably at the max for this dress at size 26/28.

This dress seemed perfect for a garden party (even though I’ve never been to one!) or a summer wedding or some other elegant summer event. The lining has some spandex in it, so it’s very easy to move around in and is not restricting at all. The top layer is a gorgeous, flowy material with delicate pinks, greens, creams, and oranges.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about the front v-ish design of the gray straps, but I found them very supportive and they added a new style to my wardrobe. Although I neglected to take a picture of the back, there is a stretch panel that accomodates various bust sizes and the gray strap below the bust opens at the back to be tied into a bow.

My favorite design aspect of the dress is that right under the bust the fabric gathers and waterfalls down (aren’t you impressed with my very un-fashion-y vocabulary), but it’s flat against the hips until it hits the bottom of the him where it gathers and creates more volume again. It’s very rare that I see details that are like “Wow! They are really thinking about my body here!” but it’s obvious that Jessica Simpson Collection understands that the curve of the hip is beautiful and should be shown off with a clean line rather than hid under lots of fabric.

At 5’4″ and at the max size for this dress, the length was perfect for me. I was wearing silver, flat sandals here, but I could also wear a slight heel with it. If you are smaller than me, the dress will be longer and have a more billowing effect.

I fell in love with this dress, and I'm sure that I will be trying more pieces from Jessica Simpson Collection soon, especially with their extension of sizes! 

Want to get a sneak peek at JSC fall line for plus sizes? Check out this PDF on my home blog.

What are your first impressions of the Jessica Simpson Collection plus-size range? What styles (and sizes) do you hope she will bring in the future?

Disclosure: Jessica Simpson Collection gifted me this dress for the purpose of a review. I have expressed my honest opinion and review about the gifted item.