Is there actually a holy grail cream that works on acne, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles??!! Yes!! This holy grail cream is Retin-A (tretinoin). As amazing as this product is, there are still plenty of side effects to be aware of before starting Retin-A.

Retin-A comes from vitamin A also known as retinoic acid. Retin-A works by increasing cell turnover, which means it is heavy duty exfoliation. It is clearing out old cells and allowing new cells to come up, which is preventing clogged pores, fine lines, and fading dark spots.

Retin-A comes in a cream and gel form. The prescription doses for cream form are: 0.025%, 0.05%, and 0.1%. For gel form it is: 0.01%, and 0.025%.

If you are interested in using Retin-A, it is best to get a prescription for it. This way you know the percentage and amount of Retin-A you are using. If it is too hard to get a prescription, there are many over the counter brands that now use Retin-A in their products. There are many to choose from and I haven't tried any, (I do have a prescription for Retin-A) but I would recommend RoC or Philosophy help me night cream.

The best way to use Retin-A is at night on a clean dry face. After you cleanse the skin do not moisturize, moisturizer will interfere with the way Retin-A works. Wait about 10-15 min after you cleanse your face and apply Retin-A to the areas of concern. The skin must be dry so it properly absorbs the Retin-A. If you are applying it all over the face, use only a peas size, a little goes a long way. If you are using it in a small area, apply a very thin layer. If you have never used Retin-A before, I suggest you apply it every other night or 3rd night.

The most common side effects are dry, peeling, irritated, and sensitive skin. Also you will be sensitive to sun light so you must wear a sunscreen if you are going to use Retin-A.There are some people with very sensitive skin who just can not tolerate Retin-A, therefore please be aware of your skin type and talk about this with your Doctor.

I started using Retin-A about 6 years ago. I had a horrendous breakout on my chin that wouldn't stop, I finally decided to see my Doc and she prescribed Retin-A 0.05% (a generic brand) and clindamycin in a topical gel form (this is an antibiotic in a topical gel form). I felt the Retin-A worked amazing and the breakout stopped, it also helped to fade the acne scars I had left. I don't use Retin-A consistently anymore, but when I do use it I apply it once or twice a week to keep my skin smooth and clear. I have oily skin and I can't use this every night, if I do my skin is irritated and peeling, not cute.

Please excuse my worn tube of Retin-A.

Retin-A does not cure acne, there is no cure, but for some people it may help. Using Retin-A properly will help for some people, depending on the type of breakout. I don't recommend this for severe acne, it will only irritate the skin and you must see a Dermatologist for other recommendations.

A prescription of Retin-A could cost between $10-$50 depending on your insurance and the brand.

I hope you found this post helpful, if you have any questions feel free to ask!

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