Top- Forever 21, Shorts- Reck + Roll, Shoes- Kohls, Sunnies- Oliver Peoples

We all have those mornings where we don't want to wear anything but our most comfortable clothes. For me, that used to be my Old Navy sweats and a men's white t-shirt. Unfortunately I started a fashion blog, so I feel obligated to at least try to get dressed. (It's hard). This outfit is what's been working best for me. The semi-oversized cropped tee brings the comfort that my men's white t-shirts once did, and the loose fitting cut offs fit similar to my soft-as-pjs sweats. There's so much you can do with an outfit like this, perhaps adding a hat or a really cool statement bag. Unfortunately, on my lazy days, I lack outfit creativity--which leaves the simplicity of this outfit to be just enough for me.

Oh. AND. Let's talk about my fake birks. These $25 ones from Kohls look exactly the same, right? The way I see it: save money on trends, more $$$ to buy the best fitting designer skinny jeans. Or college..., I mean, yeah, more money for college.


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Photos by To Be Bright