Who said winter had to be cold and colorless? Not me! These wedges are bright and bold and perfect for making a statement against all that snow outside (and if you don't have snow wherever you're at... I envy you)!

These shoes are a red suede with a multicolored wedge featuring blues, greens, yellows pinks and other reds. They are a shoe from the 2011 collection from Jan Jansen and I think they are super great!

Now, I was looking on the Jan Jansen website and guess what?! I FOUND THESE SHOES! They were originally priced at €229.95 ($305.30 USD) but are on sale for the awesome price of just €68.99 ($91.60 USD). They are also available in the red, as shown above, and yellow (shown below). Now these shoes are only available in a limited range of sizes, so if you like them, make sure you get on them quick - they might not last for much longer.

View them here:
wedge-multi-color_1000x1000_572.png wedge-multi-color_1000x1000_574.png wedge-multi-color_1000x1000_576.png

wedge-multi-color_1000x1000_571.png wedge-multi-color_1000x1000_567.png wedge-multi-color_1000x1000_569.png

Pair these with a great pair of fitted white pants and a colorful top in one of the colors featured on the shoe! This is a great option to try color blocking in your outfit also - a dress that has blocks of colors featured in the shoe, etc.Just don't overdo it. Try to avoid loud prints, since the shoe is already getting that attention, but don't wear solid white on top and bottom, as that would be a little too... blah.

If you're currently in a warmer climate, first of all, you're super lucky! Secondly, this shoe is even better for you because you don't have to worry about all of the outerwear - or the fact that your toes will be frozen with the 20* weather outside. Same rules apply as above though - don't overdo it, but don't go too blah.

Do you love these, or what?! Let me know in the comments below!

xo, Jessica

(Today's shoe of the day is from the 2013page-a-day shoe calendar by workman publishing company, inc.,All other shoe pictures are from the Jan Jansen website)

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