I love to mix it up. A bold print scarf is a great way to warm up your winter and fall wardrobe! Why dull down a great print? We wear prints to be noticed so, pair it with colored denim!



I decided to throw on a blazer and pair of suede pumps. Suede pumps are on my lists on Must-Haves for Fall! But this ensemble could easily be dressed down with a screen tee and flats or a sweater and boots.



Top: Forever21
Scarf: Nordstrom B.P. 
Blazer: Forever21
Pants: Gap
Pumps: Charles David


I am in love with these pants right now. So chic yet comfortable. They have a great fit and just enough stretch. I love the zipper detail on the ankle as well. One of my best buys recently from Gap.


Thanks so much for reading guys! xoxoxoxo