Recent Discovery: C. Wonder

Have you heard of C. Wonder yet?It's J. Christopher Burch's brand, Tory Burch's ex-husband. They definitely have a similar sense of style, only C. Wonder is more affordable.
Here's a few of the cutest things I found on the site. All of C. Wonder's pieces are classics, updated with a modern flair of bold colors and prints.
The closest C. Wonder brick and mortar store to me is in Atlanta. I hope to one day venture into one, they are known for cheery music and bright eye catching colors. The dressing rooms even have customizable music and lighting! How cool is that?
Image from C. Wonder
This area looks like a woman's dream closet! Definitely a place I'd be happy to shop in, and probably spent far too much time and money.
Image from C. Wonder
Is C. Wonder in line with your style? Have you had the opportunity to go into one of their stores yet?