I'm back in D.C. from my Thanksgiving break! I miss the beach =( Anyway, I am glad to get back to regular blogging, and I'll have a Thanksgiving recap for you all this week.

Some nights, especially those nights when I get back from a trip and refuse to unpack, I look in my closet and I can't figure out what to wear the next morning. That's why I'm so glad I have the Pinterest app on my phone. I use it to look through my pins and find inspiration!I had pinned this picture of Kendi (from the blog Kendi Everyday)and loved how unexpected her color combination was. Bright orange and burgundy??? Lovely! Iwondered if there were any odd color combinations I could put together from pieces in my closet. I settled on my burgundy corduroys and this cute mint-green sweater (both from H&M). For an extra dose of color, I matched my lips to my pants.



Sometimes, even bloggers get stuck in a rut! That's why I really like having Pinterest. It has really helped me get more mileage out of my wardrobe by inspiring me to put combinations together that I probably wouldn't think of on my own. If you're on pinterest, feel free to follow me: http://pinterest.com/lilmissknight