"This year puts the "busy" in "business" for you as job searches become a smorgasbord of potent possibilities or your existing job has you facing various rewarding challenges - often two at a time!" Well so as my zodiac prediction says.

Unlike the past years, I haven't got any long term goals this 2013. Getting lazy old me?Not as much, I think haha. Though, this year, I'm definitely looking forward to getting busy with what I love doing most. The key is positive attraction. Follow your intuition where to go or what to do. If given a chance, take it.We all get opportunities everyday, so let's grab it. Think of what is ahead, expect the best. Reach for the stars if we must.







And a happy birthday to Janjie too! ;)


Dress (used as top): thrifted

Jeans: Freego

Accessories: Pastelleshoppe

Watch: Timex