Hi guys! It's been so cold lately, I just haven't wanted to take pictures. I hope you all had a fantabulous holiday with your family and friends. I'm doing detox because I over consumed for the holidays and I'm ready to shed the weight for the new year. I just want to be as happy and healthy as possible in the new year and that's a pretty practical goal but it's an important one to carry over from year to year. 

I received this lovely coat as a Christmas gift and it's just right for the wintry mess we received this past week in CT. I love the fit, smoked gray color, and that little bit of girly flare ;-) I also was super happy to receive my free pair of prescription eye glasses. The post is coming up next, I did it the same day but wanted it to have it's own feature so stay tuned for it. With the new year coming up, what's your resolution? Do you usually stick with it or go off track through out the year?







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