Today I have the honor of introducing you to an organization that is doing amazing things for women all around the world.  Fashion can be a very "self-centered" industry and I believe it's so important to take a step back and realize how fortunate we are & to reach out to those in need.  My personal goal is to do this more often here on PPF, because I began this site to help other women...and because I never want it to become all about me.



Did you know?  More than 800,000 people are trafficked every year (some right here in the US, including girls as young as age 5) and sex trafficking is the #2 largest source of profits for international organized crime...second only to drugs. iSanctuary (stands for International Sanctuary) is a company that helps women who are survivors of human trafficking.  Their goal is to end the cycle by providing self-sufficiency options for girls who are rescued from these horrifying situations.

Since it's inception in 2007, iSanctuary has employed over 200 women & has provided them with a safe place where they can earn a living & reintegrate into society.  "When a young woman walks through the door at International Sanctuary, the label of "trafficked victim" is removed and she is immediately treated as an individual."  


Each item of jewelry on their site is hand-made from a trafficking survivor.  When they sent me this bracelet & earrings, I literally cried as I read the label attached to each piece, which was signed by the girl who made them.  Not only is the jewelry beautiful & unique, but every single purchase made helps benefit these young women who have had their lives nearly destroyed from being sold into slavery.  

I personally can't think of a more worthy cause or a better gift to give.  Take a look at the pieces on their site (I'm loving this statement necklacethis stone bracelet & this cutout cuff) and read more about the great work they are doing here.