2012 seems to have gone by much quicker than most - or maybe it's just me. In a twinkling of an eye, the year came and went, brought memories, tears, growth and a little bit of chaos. 2013 is tomorrow, guys.

I'll be the first to say that I'm not really good at resolutions. It's like a list that I make that on January 1st, and slide into the desk drawer and find it somewhere around June in my "spring cleaning." Guesses are, you aren't really great at it either. So for 2013, I say we make a few promises to ourselves. Things that we promise to try to do - rather than to resolve to do wholeheartedly. Less chance for failure, and who likes to be a failure anyway?

In 2013 - I promise to start over on all of the goals that I sat sometime in 2012.

I promise to devote more time to God. To pray more. To remind myself how to pray. To follow my yearly Bible reading plan, AGAIN. To find a devotional that is perfect for me, and not just popular. I promise to devote at least five days a week to worship and learning. Not just on Sundays. I promise to love Sundays more, to remember the Sabbath and to rest.

I promise to try new workouts at least once a week. We are the Pinterest generation after all. There's no excuse for being bored with working out. There's no excuse for not finding time. Even 30 minutes of sweating is better than nothing at all. Even if you have to get creative, there's no excuse for giving up.

I have to remember that I don't always have time for the gym, but the floor of my living room or bedroom works just as well as any gym. I use my own resistance for most of my workouts anyway, so may as well make the most out of the space in my home.

I promise that I will be good to myself and to my self esteem. This year has been good to me. But it's also been hard.

You know I thought losing weight would make my self esteem soar, but I was really, really wrong. I still go to the store and think that they don't have clothes in my size there, but then when the assure me that there's no way that I'm a size 16, and I try on a size 6, I convince myself that the sizing must be off.

I promise that even when the tough gets going, I'll still work for what I want. Even when I want to give up. In every way possible. Even when I want to binge eat, because let's face it, I don't like what I see in the mirror right that second, I promise to never, ever give up.

I promise that I will be better to my body. I'll skip that last glass of wine. I'll drink less soda. I'll drink more than I should of my water. I'll stop using Sweet N Low. I'll just be better to me. After all, this is the only body that I'll ever have.

That bottle of water not only helps you lose weight, but it coats your insides, helps your joints, helps your skin, and helps your brain activity. Usually if you have a headache, just not feeling well, or have achy joints, a bottle of cold water will do the trick. I promise to make baby steps. I may not be good to myself every day, but I sure will try. I've come too far to stop now.

I will think long and hard before I stop by the candy bowl. Or the Mexican joint. I will reward myself with new clothes, since none of mine fit anyway, instead of a basket of chips and salsa. I'll remind myself that I those foods aren't helping have my dream body.

I promise to take pictures every month, for me, to show my progress. Heavens knows that when I have something like a weigh in, or something to look forward to, I won't want to look bad or not meet goal. Plus at the end of the year, I'll have something to look at, compare, see how far I've come and pat myself on the back. We all like a little to hold our head high, so I promise to do everything in my power to do that.

I promise to love myself. More than I've ever loved myself.

I promise to make memories and take pictures. I promise to Instagram silly pics of my dog, my wine glass, my Bible verses, or my new hair do. I promise to be good to my friends. To be better to my family. To remind myself that worry causes wrinkles. And laughter goes laugh lines.

I promise to wear sunscreen. And to be proud of the gray hair that keeps on shining through.

I promise to be better to my blog. To stay in touch with my friends.

I promise to not let life get in the way. To live a life worth living. Preferably on a beach in a bathing suit. But we are still working on that one.

I can't wait to spend 2013 with each and every one of you.