Hello lovelies,

Just wanted to bring you another review of yet another product that I got for my birthday — the Maybelline Color Vivids!

Maybelline Color Vivids

I got five shades and wanted to show you which ones I got and offer my opinion of them.

What are Vivids? They are Maybelline’s newly released collection of bright lipcolor! Some of them almost appear neon-ish on the lips (Pink Pop and Fuchsia Fever). In anticipation of the spring season, it is time to start looking towards bright colors again, so I am excited about this.

There are 10 shades in the collection, but I only got 5.


1. Pink Pop
2. Fuchsia Flash
3. Shocking Coral
4. Vivid Rose
5. Electric Orange
6. Vibrant Mandarin
7. Neon Red
8. On Fire Red
9. Hot Plum
10. Brazen Berry

I ended up getting: Fuchsia Flash, Vivid Rose, On Fire Red, Hot Plum, and Brazen Berry. You will not see swatches of the shades in this post because I have yet to swatch them, but here is an Instagram photo of me wearing On Fire Red and here’s another of me wearing Fuchsia Flash (top left), Vivid Rose (top right), Hot Plum (bottom left), and Brazen Berry (bottom right).

The three colors that I originally wanted were Vivid Rose, Hot Plum, and Brazen Berry, but then I saw swatches of Fuchsia Flash and On Fire Red and knew I had to have those, too. I had about $20 of birthday money left over, so I said “what the hey” and ended up getting them.

Vivid Rose is a beautiful deep pink shade and had a wonderful application (as do they all) and a glossy finish.


Brazen Berry is that beautiful vibrant purple shade that I love to see against darker skinned girls. There is something about dark skin and purple lips that I just love. Don’t get me wrong, lighter/fairer skinned girls can wear this shade too, but I love to see brighter and poppier colors (i.e. Pink Pop) on girls like that. Very complimentary.

Brazen Berry

And then there’s Hot Plum, which appears to be my interpretation of a gorgeous “hot pink” for my skin tone. I think if darker skinned girls want to wear something like a Pink Pop, but are extremely hesitant about having it pop as hard as I know it will against their skin (personally speaking), then Hot Plum is the answer to this dilemma.


Next is Fuchsia Flash, which reminds of something Nicki Minaj would wear. This is definitely a hot pink! It’s the shade right after Pink Pop on the gradient scale, so I knew in purchasing this, I was pushing beyond my comfort level.

This gorgeous vibrant pink is definitely a fun color to experiment with and can be toned down with the right lip pencil or gloss. So don’t be intimidated (like I was).


Finally, we have the shade that I was the most comfortable with – On Fire Red. You all know, if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, that I love a good red lipstick.

Red lips can liven up ANY outfit. ANY face of makeup. The base of the lipstick definitely matters (i.e. blue-based, yellow-based, etc.), but red lips are red lips, honey. Saucy!

On Fire Red

Overall, regardless of whether you are dark-skinned, light-skinned, medium or fair — if you want to pull off these shades, it’s all about confidence (first of all), and then there are also endless supplies and techniques to help even the lightest or darkest individuals pull off the lightest or darkest shades (i.e. lip liners & glosses or contouring & layering).

There is no lipstick shade that is off-limits, so don’t be afraid to branch out and express yourself!

Application: Very smooth & doesn’t feel heavy on the lips.

Color: Very vibrant and extremely pigmented.

Long-lasting: Yes. But I always take my lipstick off during lunch, so I am unsure about length of time. I do know it lasts me a good four hours before I take it off.

Price: $5.50 at Target & Wal-Mart; $7.50 at ULTA; not sure at CVS.

RECOMMEND?: Yes, I do. These are great and fun lipsticks for the springtime and I cannot wait see more people wearing them… because I’ve already started wearing mine…

Let me know what you think of the new line! Do you plan on getting them? Do you already have them?

Until next time! Stay lovely,

Christina Marie

Disclaimer: All photo were taken and are owned by me, Christina Marie.