All of my life I've had great hair, and I've pretty much taken it for granted. It's been long, short, blonde, brunette and red. It's been straight and it's been curlybut it's never been plagued with issues like frizz or split ends (I know, but I swear I'm blessed). So imagine my confusionin April of 2011when I moved to Florida and suddenly there it was. Thirty plus years of hair karma greeting me at the airport.

Well, I have put the past fifteen months to good use. I have cut and conditioned and straightened and curled and begged for solutions. I have, on occasion, cried. I have tried every high end product and styling tool I could find, or could be sold. And I'm here to tell you my friends, I have prevailed. I have found an amazing combination and wantto share it with all of you.

First, the Farouk CHI Digital Flatiron is an amazing tool. I am fairly new to flatirons and have thick, but fine, hair. Because I knew nothing, the iron I originally bought was way too hot and the result, mildly alarming. My stylist recommended a lower heat iron (while she was cutting my dry, sad, broken hair) so I went home and did some research. The CHI digital flatiron is a wet to dry iron with a low setting of 165 degrees. It was recommended for fine or damaged hair and I had both so I bought it. It cost me around $135.00 and was worth every penny. It leaves my hair soft, shiny and unbelievably smooth.

I also bought some Tigi Heat Defender Flatiron Spray after doing more research on the internet. I had been usingfive products every morning to protect, style and de-frizz my hair. Oils and creams and gels. I've thrown them all away, because this is the only product I use anymore. I spray it onlightlyand it protects and smoothsbeautifully.

My stylist actually recommended Pureology Hydrate awhile back but I was skeptical. I've spent a small fortune over the years on ridiculously expensive shampoos and conditioners that did not do what they advertised. I finally caved and purchased the Hydrate shampoo and the Hydrate Lightconditioner.The combination leaves my hair soft and smooth and helps with frizz. It also smells delicious.

And there you have it. Seriously, I sometimes sit and just feel my own hair. Take that Florida, humidity be damned!