Here is my planned outfit that was suppose to be worn on Wednesday. I wanted to wear pearls with this outfit, but I thought the yellow bubble necklace made it more fun!
I always love fun!! I have waited out on wearing this RL shirt for so long! Every time I want to wear it, something comes up! Finally she gets to be worn and loved by me!
As I am taking these pictures, my feet are asking to be loved. The day after rain is the worse!
I feel as if my feet will freeze up any moment!
ahhhh! This gives me even more of a good reason to stay in and grade papers.
100 papers to be exact.






RL Blue Label Oxford Shirt: $90 (here)
Gap Blazer: Old (similar, similiar)
BR Sloan Pants: $60 (similar, similar)
R&R Smoker Flats via Kohls: $10 (here)
Bubble Necklace via Ebay: $11 (here)
CR Earrings: $5 (similar)

Do you like the jacket buttoned or unbuttoned?
I think the unbuttoned look is more casual.

Thank you for stopping by! Talk to you soon!

Until next time,
C. Mai