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oxblood skinny pant

When all this oxblood madness started I just assumed that oxblood was just another term for burgundy or maroon.

Of course the side of me that googles everything decided I would check it out and see if there is a difference between the colours.

oxblood skinny jeans

And the answer is of course there is a difference. Oxblood and Burgundy are actually on opposite ends of the redish colours. Burgundy has more purple or a blue base (think red wine) and Oxblood has more of a brown or yellow base. Maroon is somewhere in between and actually depends on what definition you see, but it is closer to red than the other two.

oxblood burgundy skinny jeans

And I bet you are now thinking to yourself, Jane, nobody gives a poop about the definition of oxblood – tell us more about your outfit.

I called it preppy hipster because from the waist up it is fairly preppy with the chunky knit sweater and denim button down, but the waist down it is more hipster with the skinnies tucked into boots.

oxblood skinny pant

Outfit details: Jeans & denim shirt Joe Fresh, Sweater Zara, Trench, Boots Vintage via my Mom (similar).

Are you down with the whole oxblood trend? Or do you just call it burgundy?